House of His Presence

“...not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.”

– Hebrews 10:25 NASB95


House of His Presence – The Beginning…

By Karen Phillips

Chance encounters are Divine appointments in the hands of Almighty God. A lost credit card at a James Goll conference leads to a ministry connection that unites to ultimately birth a house of prayer, but more than that, it is a “House of His Presence”. (Prophesied by James Goll at that very conference) and only realized after the naming of this Pittsburgh house of prayer located on the 3rd floor of Shepherd’s Heart, located on Pride Street underneath the shadow of the ever present dove high atop Mercy Hospital. Only God could establish a house for Himself, gather His people and birth a movement that continues to evolve and impact the spiritual atmosphere of Pittsburgh.

On March 10, 2007 intercessors and worshipers gathered at Shepherd’s Heart to seek the Lord and ask what He wanted for the City of Pittsburgh. A word was released… “I’ve been waiting for you”, and so, by faith, leaders began to meet to establish a house of prayer. On June 22, 2007 House of His Presence became a reality and monthly gatherings of worship and prayer began. A month later confirmation was received that the Lord had marked HOHP as “Ground Zero”. The memory of 9-11 set the House apart as a place where “world structures” would come tumbling down. One could almost see the release of intercession in the spiritual dimension that would target the world structures of the City, and by faith the size of a mustard seed, these strongholds in the City would come down.

A heart of “unity” has always been the heart of HOHP. Following the words of Jesus as He prayed to His Father, “that they should be one, that they should love one another, that the world would know”… and that is the Shepherd’s heart and the very foundation of House of His Presence. This unity is diverse as many streams of worship, intercession, and ministry have flowed through this gathering place. House of His Presence has been a blending of many streams to form the River of God that makes glad a City. House of His Presence has been a place for the people of God to mingle, to serve, and to be recognized by their gifts, not by their title or position in their home church or ministries. In fact, House of His Presence is a place where “everybody knows your name”, but they don’t know what denomination you come from, what your position in the church is, or what title you hold. Freedom to “be who God made you to be” has allowed pastors to take up their instruments and be a part of the worship team, intercessors have been encouraged to lead, and hidden or quenched gifts have been encouraged and allowed to mature.

Through the years the people of God have gathered at House of His Presence to stand for their City and for the Nation. Twenty-four hour (and more) Watches have paved the way for breakthrough and have established a watch over the City of Pittsburgh as leaders have gathered, ministries have launched, and God has prepared this City for Himself. Many nationally known Teachers have come to teach, Prophets have come to speak, Worship Leaders have come to sing… all bringing a new sound to mix with the sounds of the City. Words of encouragement have been spoken, Decrees have been released, the Word of the Lord has been proclaimed and celebrated by the people of House of His Presence. The Lord Jesus Christ is celebrated and Holy Spirit directs this symphony of praise each Friday night. The faithful come… called and directed by the Lord. He is in charge, and the people come and go as He leads.

Twelve years later… and counting… God has established a stronghold of worship and prayer in the City of Pittsburgh. Countless people have been healed, encouraged, trained and sent from this House. The future is ahead, and we press on…