worhip and prayer changes the atmosphere

OUR Prophecies

HOHPP began in 2007


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Our Vision

Prophetic words over pittsburgh and Pa.



"My house shall be called a house of prayer."
 - Jesus


Our Vision

House of His Presence Pittsburgh (HOHPP) desires to create a place of habitation for the Lord. We believe this will be done as believers from around the region come together to worship and seek God at the place of His choosing (see Deut 12:5). In God's timing, we would like to see continuous 24/7 worship and intercession - 'on earth as it is in heaven'

Worship & Prayer

We worship and pray every Friday evening from 7:00 pm - ?. Please join us and allow God to use you to help change the spiritual atmosphere of our city.

James Goll Prophetic Prayer (Monroeville, PA - 6/3/06) 

"And I keep seeing this, like rotating Ark of Covenant, you know, like in the Old Testament, when at times it was like, on tour. It went from place to place to place. Multiple locations, multiple expressions, diversity, but the house of Presence. 

"If you could give just, like an agreement that you would like to see, we don’t understand it yet. Some of you have already seen this before I’ve seen it. But you want to welcome the Ark of His Presence, and like, it 

rotates around. And it’s cooperative. It’s like, it might start Friday nights or something, but doesn’t stay just in one location. It goes here and it goes there… It’s like a ring of fire. It’s to be a ring of fire around the city. 

"A ring of fire around the city; a ring of fire around the city. So, if you could just give agreement to that. So we say, ‘Yes, Lord!’ to a ring of fire of the house of His presence. The caravan of the house of His presence. From place to place, to place to place. So, if you’d like to be part of this as an intercessor… oh, this is the key right now. This is the key!

"We put in the key for the house of presence to be released. We put the key in the door for the house of Presence to be released. We put the key in the door for heaven to come to earth. Kingdom come! Will be done! On earth as it is in heaven! The house of Presence. A ring of fire. I put the key, we put the key of agreement in. We put the key of agreement in. We put the key of agreement in… for the house of Presence. Thank you, Lord!" (emphasis added) 

Note: House of His Presence began in June 2007. We did not realize the name had been prophesied until about 8 months later, even though several people had read the transcript of the meeting multiple times.